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IF- [ movie website ] [ movie trailer ]
Ryan Reynolds, John Frasinski, Cailey Fleming
Director: John Krasinski
Synopsis:A young girl who goes through a difficult experience begins to see everyone's imaginary friends who have been left behind as their real-life friends have grown up.
Runtime:1 hr 44m
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Family
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THE STRANGERS: CHAPTER 1- [ movie website ] [ movie trailer ]
Starring: Madelaine Petsch, Ryan Bown, Matus Lajcak
Director: Renny Harlin
Synopsis:After their car breaks down in an eerie small town, a young couple is forced to spend the night in a remote cabin. Panic ensues as they are terrorized by three masked strangers who strike with no mercy and seemingly no motive.
Runtime: 1 hr 32m
R - for  horror violence, language and brief drug use.
Genres: Horror
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KINGDOM OF THE PLANET OF THE APES- [ movie website ] [ movie trailer ]
Freya Allan, Kevin Durand, Dichen Lachman
Director: Wes Ball
Synopsis:Many years after the reign of Caesar, a young ape goes on a journey that will lead him to question everything he's been taught about the past and make choices that will define a future for apes and humans alike.
Runtime: 2 hr 25m
PG - 13 - for  intense sequences of sci-fi violence/action.
Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
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FALL GUY- [ movie website ] [ movie trailer ]
Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Director: David Leitch
Synopsis:A down-and-out stuntman must find the missing star of his ex-girlfriend's blockbuster film.
Runtime: 2 hr 06m
PG - 13 - for  thematic elements.
Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama
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CHALLENGERS- [ movie website ] [ movie trailer ]
Starring: Zendaya, Mike Faist, Josh O'Connor
Director: Luca Guadagnino
Synopsis:Tashi, a former tennis prodigy turned coach is married to a champion on a losing streak. Her strategy for her husband's redemption takes a surprising turn when he must face off against his former best friend and Tashi's former boyfriend.
Runtime: 2 hr 11m
R - for language throughout, some sexual content and graphic nudity.
Genres: Drama, Romance, Sport
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CIVIL WAR- [ movie website ] [ movie trailer ]
Starring: Kirsten Dunst, Wagner Moura, Cailee Spaeny
Director: Alex Garland
Synopsis:A journey across a dystopian future America, following a team of military-embedded journalists as they race against time to reach DC before rebel factions descend upon the White House.
Runtime: 1 hr 49m
R - for strong violent content, bloody/disturbing images, and language throughout.
Genres: Action, Thriller